Jason Cowley
  England dreaming, the break-up of Britain and what Orson Welles knew
As someone who was born in the 1960s, the son of wartime evacuees from London, I had a sense from an early age that Britain was oppressed by a lost greatness.
New Statesman, December 19th 2013

Mandela’s stoicism, tea with Ian Smith, and South Africa’s civil war that never was
In 2000, on a visit to Zimbabwe, Jason Cowley met the former Rhodesian leader Ian Smith.
New Statesman, December 17th 2013

Obama’s drone warfare, Ashcroft on Cameron and the mystery of GQ's absent editors
Robert Greenwald's documentary "Unmanned: America's Drone Wars" is a work of ruthless propaganda - in the best sense. Meanwhile the purpose of Lord Ashcroft's planned biography is much less clear.
New Statesman, November 21st 2013

The Kraus Project by Jonathan Franzen
A writer who self-consciously craves fame and the world's applause, Jonathan Franzen is also simultaneously repelled by it.
Financial Times, October 4th 2013

Jonathan Franzen and the rage of the Twitter machine
We're swamped by a tide of reaction and instant opinion churned out by the second on Twitter, writes Jason Cowley. But as Franzen, Obama and Miliband show, instant gratification won't secure our grasp of events.
New Statesman, September 26th 2013

Editor's Note: Test Match Special, George Plimpton and Hugh Trevor-Roper's Peterhouse blues
Jason Cowley reviews the current line up on the Test Match Special, remembers a discussion on the greatest essayists with George Plimpton, and speaks at the famously right-wing Peterhouse College in Cambridge.
New Statesman, July 27th 2013

Kenneth Branagh's Macbeth
The Kenneth Branagh/Rob Ashford production of Macbeth for the Manchester International Festival presents an enthralling portrait of sickening, desire-fuelled ambition.
New Statesman, July 18th 2013

Alex Salmond: "This is the phoney war. This is not the campaign"
In a rare print interview, the SNP leader takes aim at Nigel Farage, the bedroom tax and Scottish Labour – and reveals his plan to guarantee every young person a job.
New Statesman, June 25th 2013

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