Jason Cowley
  Ed Miliband wants a counter-revolution, but doesn't know how to get it
The Labour leader is convinced of his destiny but his rag-bag set of policies are incoherent.
The Daily Telegraph, December 29th 2014

The New Republic collapses as it turns 100
If the New Statesman has a sister publication, it is the New Republic. The magazine's collapse provokes us to ask whether such an institution can be more than a vanity project without destroying its purpose and heritage, or losing its political identity altogether.
New Statesman, December 10th 2014

George Orwell's luminous truths
The English writer is revealed in all his fierce integrity in a new collection of journalism.
Financial Times, December 6th 2014

Nigel Farage: "I'm not on the right or left. I'm a radical"
The Ukip leader on coalitions, immigration fears and why he's chasing the Labour vote.
New Statesman, November 12th 2014

Ed Miliband's problem is not policy but tone – and increasingly he seems trapped
Jason Cowley on the struggles and woes of the Labour leader.
New Statesman, November 5th 2014

Jason Cowley: Post-Salmond, the SNP will be stronger than ever
Nicola Sturgeon is adored by the party's activists. She is a formidable machine politician and a capable media performer.
New Statesman, September 25th 2014

A shattered union: the final days of the Scottish referendum campaign
If Britain cannot work out how to stay together when so much unites us language, culture, shared sacrifice, blood the portents for the 21st century are dark indeed.
New Statesman, September 13th 2014

Jason Cowley: The destruction of Gaza and when Israel backed the Islamists
The Gaza conflict has raised the important question of empathy. Would that both sides were capable of greater empathy and, indeed, imagination.
New Statesman, August 5th 2014

Marina Keegan: a young writer gone too soon
As a student, her urgent writing about her generation had already reached a wider audience. Her death, days after graduation, lends her words extra power.
Financial Times, June 20th 2014

The last World Cup: after Brazil 2014, is the tournament finished?
Football is a supreme instrument of soft power and can unite people as little else can. But allegations of Fifa corruption have tarnished the image of the beautiful game. Can anything be done to save it?
New Statesman, June 13th 2014

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