Tony Blair: out of exile

​Trump, Brexit and Blair’s new political mission

November 24 2016 / New Statesman

King Lear: Anthony Sher at the Barbican

​Between tragedy and farce

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Trump World

Donald Trump and the new nationalism sweeping the West

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What Makes us Human?

​The dream of the good society

November 16 2016 / BBC Radio 2, The Jeremy Vine Show

Donald Trump and the age of reaction

​America in shock as Trump takes the White House

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Arsene Wenger, English football's first cosmopolitan

​The line of beauty

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The New Times

​Brexit, globalisation and the future of the Left

September 22 2016 / New Statesman

Martin Jacques: the new New Times

Neoliberalism crashed with the financial crash

September 22 2016 / New Statesman

Here I Am, by Jonathan Safran Foer

​Overconfident and under-imagined: an extravagant mess of a book

September 17 2016 / Financial Times

The fall of the golden generation

​How it all went wrong for Labour’s best and brightest

September 15 2016 / New Statesman

A Sense of an Ending

The deepening crisis in Labour

September 11 2016 / The Mail on Sunday

Citizen Clem: a biography of Attlee, by John Bew

Clement Attlee’s progressive patriotism

September 3 2016 / Financial Times