Peregrine Worsthorne and the lost magic of England

​The great conservative journalist reflects on a long life at the heart of the establishment

February 11 2016 / The New Statesman

Jeremy Corbyn's hermit security

Corbyn might want “a world of peace” but hermit security is not an option for the UK

December 15 2015 / New Statesman

The spy who became John le Carré

​The private anguish, and public success of David Cornwell.

October 31 2015 / The Financial Times

Promised You a Miracle, 1980-82, by Andy Beckett

​A “nearly history” of the 1980s, Britain’s decade of boom, bust and Margaret Thatcher.

September 14 2015 / New Statesman

Ascent of the Submarine

George Osborne’s mission to capture and reshape the centre ground.

September 9 2015 / New Statesman

‘Latest Readings’ and ‘Sentenced to Life’, by Clive James

How Clive James found his defining subject, the gravest of all.

August 14 2015 / Financial Times

Jeremy Corbyn: The Time of the Rebel

Is Jeremy Corbyn ready to lead the Labour party?

July 29 2015 / New Statesman

England is changing and the Labour Party desperately needs to change with it

The next Labour leader needs to watch and learn from David Cameron and George Osborne.

July 14 2015 / The Daily Telegraph

Andy Burnham: Inside the bubble

Andy Burnham thinks he’s an outsider but he’s really just another member of the “Westminster Guild”.

June 24 2015 / New Statesman

Miliband v Miliband, Big Alex at Westminster and the rise of quiet conservatism

New Statesman editor Jason Cowley gives his election post-mortem.

May 14 2015 / New Statesman

Messianic self-belief but little clue about real life: A searing verdict by the editor of the New Statesman

Ed Miliband’s defeat and resignation are a personal humiliation and a family tragedy.

May 9 2015 / The Daily Mail

The battle for the soul of Essex Man

If Labour are ever again to win an absolute majority, it must start by winning back working-class voters in constituencies like Harlow.

April 30 2015 / New Statesman