Editor's Note: All changed, changed utterly

​The Conservatives and SNP routed: the kingdom is more stable than at any time since the Scottish independence referendum of 2014

July 10 2024 / The New Statesman

New Times: The Labour landslide

​The plan for Labour’s return to power following its abject defeat in 2019 pre-existed Keir Starmer but only he could have implemented it

July 7 2024 / The Sunday Times

Letter from Taipei: The Taiwan conundrum

Rereading JG Ballard’s Empire of the Sun, from 1984, I understood that he had already anticipated the rise of China and the world to come

July 2 2024 / The New Statesman

Nigel Farage: A Populist at Large

Farage calls himself the Billy Graham of politics and believes he has done more than anyone else to defeat the far right in Britain. What forces does he channel but also hold in check and how far can he take Reform, the non-party party, or self-styled people’s army? Now, he says, he’s coming for Labour voters

June 26 2024 / The New Statesman

David Lammy: The World as It Is

​Britain’s next Foreign Secretary on the new realism and why Britain must adapt to the world as it is, not as liberals or the left wish it to be

June 26 2024 / The New Statesman

Paul Collier: ​Left Behind: A New Economics for Neglected Places

​Nether left nor right but occupying the “hard centre”

June 16 2024 / The Sunday Times

The Age of Distrust: the country is restive

There is a deeper political tide turning beneath this approaching election result

June 16 2024 / The Sunday Times

The Seismic Radicalism of Nigel Farage

Liberals and mainstream Conservatives loathe him. But he understands something important about the fractious mood in the country

June 5 2024 / The New Statesman

Keir Starmer: The Outsider

​The Labour leader - and the UK’s next prime minister - is driven by self-belief not ideology or political ideas

May 25 2024 / The Sunday Times

Letter from Washington: David Lammy: inside the Beltway

​Republican senators like the realism but not the progressive part of the Lammy Doctrine

May 15 2024 / The New Statesman

Andy Beckett: The Searchers: Five Rebels, Their Dream of a Different Britain, and Their Many Enemies

London is not Britain

May 5 2024 / The Observer

Angela Rayner: The Wounded Lioness

Rayner is used to be being misunderstood and underestimated - but she is a politician for all Labour factions and has undoubted star quality

April 21 2024 / The Sunday Times