The Humbling of the SNP

​The nationalists believe their interests and those of the Scottish people are coterminous. They are not.

April 12 2023 / The New Statesman

A Darkening World

​In 2013, few could have predicted the political convulsions to come

April 12 2023 / The New Statesman

Bryan Magee: The Restless Philosopher, an interview

The last interview - an audio long read

April 9 2023 / The New Statesman

Wootton Bassett: The Town that Wept

​Mourning the fallen soldiers of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars

March 16 2023 / The New Statesman

The Iraq War catastrophe: twenty years later

The liberal delusion of remaking the world

March 15 2023 / The New Statesman

Keir Stramer: what he has learnt from the German Social Democrats

​The search for security and respect in an age of disorder

March 1 2023 / The New Statesman

The Undoing of Nicola Sturgeon

​Her fall offers little reason for unionist triumphalism

February 22 2023 / The New Statesman

Andy Murray: the unbreakable spirit of Andy Murray

The Scottish tennis player has achieved a late-career grandeur and nobility

January 21 2023 / The New Statesman

Paul Johnson: from radical to reactionary

​The former New Statesman editor who came to hate the Left

January 18 2023 / The New Statesman

Keir Starmer: the unbinding of Britain

Will breaking up the United Kingdom bring us closer together?

Plus, Eric Ravilious and deep England

December 8 2022 / The New Statesman

Munira Mirza: out of Downing Street and into the world

Munira Mirza, once known as “Boris Johnson’s brain”, is a liberal contrarian whose views have been widely condemned. But now in her new role she wants to avoid controversy and change the way we do politics

November 9 2022 / The New Statesman

The Truss Debacle

​A broken and humiliated Conservative party turns back to Jeremy Hunt

October 19 2022 / The New Statesman