The Gift of Statesmanship

​In defence of free-thinking and against “orthodoxy-sniffing”

December 19 2019 / New Statesman

Jeremy Corbyn: an epic defeat

A decade of dogma has left Labour a rotten shell

December 15 2019 / The Sunday Times

Britain deserves better

​2019 General Election Leader

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The English Question

It is of vital importance to determine what England is before deciding what role England can play in the huge events that are happening

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Mark Fisher: The intellectual leader of a generation

Haunted by a future that never happened

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What Japan can teach Qatar

The soft power of sport

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Inside the Iron Cage

​The irrationality of fandom

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David Cameron: the moderniser who blundered

The prime minister who gambled and lost Europe

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What football tells us about global money

Lost by the Caspian Sea

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Boris Johnson: the myth of greatness

The crown of laughter

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The Know-nothing Right

​Boris Johnson is heading for Downing Street

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The End of May

​The last days of Theresa May’s premiership

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