The New Statesman

​A New Direction

September 12 2021 / The New Statesman

Afghanistan: The Cost of War

Twenty years after the US invasion, the Taliban are preparing to retake control of the country

July 28 2021 / The New Statesman

Bryan Magee: Pensées

The philosopher who never stopped asking ultimate questions

July 28 2021 / The New Statesman

Gareth Southgate and the art of leadership

Why the England manager understands the real meaning of glory

June 8 2021 / The New Statesman

John le Carré: The Secret Life

In the end, the great spy novelist remained an enigma even to himself.

December 12 2020 / Salt Publishing (republished New Statesman)

George Orwell: The Road to Revolution

Orwell wrote Animal Farm at a time of global crisis as a warning about oppressive state power. Its message is as relevant as ever, says the New Statesman editor in a new introduction to the seminal book.

December 4 2020 / Macmilln Publishers

James Hawes: The Shortest History of England

The long shadow of the Norman Conquest

December 2 2020 / New Statesman

Patrick Hutchinson: Grace Under Pressure

​George Floyd, Black Lives Matter and Heroism

November 25 2020 / New Statesman

Boris Johnson and the Clercs

​The fallen intellectuals

November 18 2020 / New Statesman

How the New Romantics Transformed British Culture

As Margaret Thatcher’s political revolution unfolded, a group of style-obsessed misfits brightened troubled times.

October 28 2020 / New Statesman

Neil Ferguson: The Covid Modeller

​The so-called Professor Lockdown, a hate figure for the libertarian right, on epidemiology, saving lives during the coronavirus pandemic and his sudden resignation

July 30 2020 / New Statesman

The Great University funding crisis

​Sub-prime degrees and elite overproduction

July 22 2020 / New Statesman