Here in Israel people feel deeply unsafe and the two-state solution looks doomed

​“Nothing is personally OK for anyone”

March 20 2024 / The New Statesman

Rachel Reeves: is securonomics really Bidenism but without the money?

At the end of the 1970s, as the post-war order crumbled, the Thatcherites had a radical solution to the political and economic crisis in which Britain was mired. Can Reeves, with her talk of new orthodoxies, effect a similar transformation today?

March 17 2024 / The Sunday Times

John Tavener: sacred music for a secular world

Why does the secular mind seek out the sacred, often at moments of heightened stress or torment?

February 14 2024 / The New Statesman

Labour has a Palestinian problem

The Arab Street and the politics of Israel-Palestine have arrived in British cities

February 4 2024 / The Sunday Times

Ramsay MacDonald and The Wild Men of Labour

How the first Labour government - of 1924 - shattered the old political order

January 21 2024 / The Sunday Times

Kate Forbes: The Rooted Nomad

​Will the SNP’s Kate Forbes ultimately be forced to choose between politics and God?

December 6 2023 / The New Statesman

Wayne Barnes: sport, the courtroom and social media hate

As an international rugby referee, the English lawyer has faced sustained abuse and death threats. Now he is fighting back against the negligence of the tech giants

December 1 2023 / The New Statesman

Rachel Reeves: is she trapped?

​Haunted by the traumatic defeat of 1992, Labour is boxed in on tax-and-spend

November 26 2023 / The Sunday Times

Caution and fear define Labour

After a long party civil war, the moderates are in control. But what will they do with power?

October 8 2023 / The Sunday Times

Shaktar Donetsk: The Barcelona of the East

​As war rages in Ukraine, the football club that is “more than a club”

October 1 2023 / The Sunday Times

David Runciman: The Handover

AI, the Hobbesian state and the professor who wants to be a big picture thinker

September 10 2023 / The Sunday Times

The Green Wars

​Will divisive net zero politics become the new Brexit?

August 13 2023 / The Sunday Times