Paul Collier: ​Left Behind: A New Economics for Neglected Places

​Nether left nor right but occupying the “hard centre”

June 16 2024 / The Sunday Times

The Age of Distrust: the country is restive

There is a deeper political tide turning beneath this approaching election result

June 16 2024 / The Sunday Times

The Seismic Radicalism of Nigel Farage

Liberals and mainstream Conservatives loathe him. But he understands something important about the fractious mood in the country

June 5 2024 / The New Statesman

Keir Starmer: The Outsider

​The Labour leader - and the UK’s next prime minister - is driven by self-belief not ideology or political ideas

May 25 2024 / The Sunday Times

Letter from Washington: David Lammy: inside the Beltway

​Republican senators like the realism but not the progressive part of the Lammy Doctrine

May 15 2024 / The New Statesman

Andy Beckett: The Searchers: Five Rebels, Their Dream of a Different Britain, and Their Many Enemies

London is not Britain

May 5 2024 / The Observer

Angela Rayner: The Wounded Lioness

Rayner is used to be being misunderstood and underestimated - but she is a politician for all Labour factions and has undoubted star quality

April 21 2024 / The Sunday Times

Salman Rushdie: After the knife attack

Even today Rushdie remains reviled by some as an anti-Islamic heretic but by others, rightly, as a heroic champion of free speech and the open society

April 20 2024 / The Saturday Read

Here in Israel people feel deeply unsafe and the two-state solution looks doomed

​“Nothing is personally OK for anyone”

March 20 2024 / The New Statesman

Rachel Reeves: is securonomics really Bidenism but without the money?

At the end of the 1970s, as the post-war order crumbled, the Thatcherites had a radical solution to the political and economic crisis in which Britain was mired. Can Reeves, with her talk of new orthodoxies, effect a similar transformation today?

March 17 2024 / The Sunday Times

John Tavener: sacred music for a secular world

Why does the secular mind seek out the sacred, often at moments of heightened stress or torment?

February 14 2024 / The New Statesman

Labour has a Palestinian problem

The Arab Street and the politics of Israel-Palestine have arrived in British cities

February 4 2024 / The Sunday Times