The Know-nothing Right

​Boris Johnson is heading for Downing Street

June 12 2019 / New Statesman

The End of May

​The last days of Theresa May’s premiership

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The Last Game

​Why 1989 was the hinge year in English football’s modernisation

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Jeremy Hunt: The Last Cameroon

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The Masochism Premiership (redux)

​Plus - our national novelist ...

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Charles Masterman and the condition of England

Power leaks from Corbyn and May

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Mark Hollis: The Sound of Silence

​A musician of extraordinary depths

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Tiger Woods's Late Style

​Why I backed Woods to win another Major

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Ten Years as Editor of the New Statesman

​Getting the balance right

December 6 2018 / New Statesman

This is Emery's Arsenal now

​You cannot be an innovator twice

December 1 2018 / Spear's Magazine

Paul Collier: We are living a tragedy

​How to heal deep rifts in society

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National Populism: The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy by Matthew Goodwin and Roger Eatwell

An age of upheaval

October 21 2018 / Sunday Times