David Runciman: The Handover

AI, the Hobbesian state and the professor who wants to be a big picture thinker

September 10 2023 / The Sunday Times

The Green Wars

​Will divisive net zero politics become the new Brexit?

August 13 2023 / The Sunday Times

Patrick Deneen: Regime Change

​What comes after liberalism?

July 16 2023 / The Sunday Times

Labour are analysing how centre-left parties lose from winning positions

Why is Keir Starmer so anxious? It’s because Labour are used to losing. Defeat defines the party

July 16 2023 / The Sunday Times

Carlos Alcaraz: the future of men's tennis is here, and now

The multidimensional Spanish player is a talent for the ages

July 15 2023 / The Sunday Times

End of a Golden Era

The era of the Big Four - Federer, Nadal, Novak and Murray - is ending. What comes next? And will tennis sell out to Saudi Arabia?

July 2 2023 / The Sunday Times

Wes Streeting: Memoir

From an East End council flat to Westminster: Labour’s rising star

July 2 2023 / The Sunday Times

James Graham: Dear England

James Graham is fast becoming our national playwright - for these troubled modern times, at least

June 28 2023 / The New Statesman

Rachel Reeves: The Reeves Doctrine

She is ready to be Britain’s first female chancellor of the Exchequer.
But will Rachel Reeves’ caution stifle her creativity?

June 7 2023 / The New Statesman

The Invention of Essex

​The search for the soul of a misunderstood English county

June 4 2023 / The Sunday Times

Edinburgh: back in a city of ordered formality and grandeur

Chairing the judges of the Baillie Gifford winner of winners’ award and a case of mistaken identity

May 3 2023 / The New Statesman

The Humbling of the SNP

​The nationalists believe their interests and those of the Scottish people are coterminous. They are not.

April 12 2023 / The New Statesman