Neil Ferguson: The Covid Modeller

​The so-called Professor Lockdown, a hate figure for the libertarian right, on epidemiology, saving lives during the coronavirus pandemic and his sudden resignation

July 30 2020 / New Statesman

The Great University funding crisis

​Sub-prime degrees and elite overproduction

July 22 2020 / New Statesman

Political Football

​Marcus Rashford, Raheem Sterling and the rise of the activist super-player

June 24 2020 / New Statesman

Why Boris Johnson is trapped

The prime minister stokes the flames of the culture wars

June 17 2020 / New Statesman

An English Elegy

A summer without cricket

June 6 2020 / New Statesman

The Tragedy of Tye Green Lodge

​People are dying at the Essex care home

May 20 2020 / New Statesman

Keir Starmer's Labour

The party is unifying behind its new leader

May 13 2020 / New Statesman

Covid-19 and Mortality Salience

​The possibility of post-traumatic growth

April 29 2020 / New Statesman

Boris Johnson's near-death expereience

What does it mean to live a good life?

April 22 2020 / New Statesman

Jim McMahon: The Politics of Place and Belonging

Rebuilding the fabric of place

April 22 2020 / New Statesman

Jason Cowley: Covid-19 New Statesman blog

​Essential analysis of the defining crisis of our times

April 14 2020 / New Statesman

The Night of the Great Applause

A public coming together of a kind one seldom if ever experiences

April 2020 / New Statesman