Munira Mirza: out of Downing Street and into the world

Munira Mirza, once known as “Boris Johnson’s brain”, is a liberal contrarian whose views have been widely condemned. But now in her new role she wants to avoid controversy and change the way we do politics

November 9 2022 / The New Statesman

The Truss Debacle

​A broken and humiliated Conservative party turns back to Jeremy Hunt

October 19 2022 / The New Statesman

Chris Pilcher: An inspirational teacher

​Sometimes you encounter, however fleetingly, someone who leaves a deep impression

July 28 2022 / The New Statesman

The Next Prime Minister

What Sunak and Truss are getting wrong about Brexit

July 27 2022 / The New Statesman

Boris Johnson: Downfall

​In 2019, Boris Johnson had everything he wanted after winning the general election. But the gods were waiting for him

July 13 2022 / The New Statesman

Jason Cowley in conversation with Andy Haldane

Jason Cowley on an era of extraordinary politics

July 7 2022 / The Royal Society of Arts (RSA)

Who Are We Now? Stories of Modern England

​Jason Cowley talks about his book Who Are We Now? Stories of Modern England, which explores the turbulent politics of the last 25 years, from Tony Blair to the pandemic

June 28 2022 / Politics Live

Times review of Who Are We Now?

​Jason Cowley’s elegant book is written in the spirit of understanding

May 23 2022 / The Times

Mark Hollis: Inside the walled garden

​A biographer searches for the mysterious former Talk Talk frontman who created music of beauty and grace

May 4 2022 / The New Statesman

Who Are We Now? Stories of Modern England

​In this compelling and essential book, Jason Cowley examines contemporary England through a handful of the key news stories of recent times to reveal what they tell us about the state of the nation and to answer the question Who Are We Now?

March 31 2022 / Picador - Pan Macmillan

Matthew Syed: review of Who Are We Now?

​Jason Cowley’s wonderfully written, magisterial dive into the modern history of English politics and identity

March 27 2022 / The Sunday Times

Observer Book of the week: Who Are We Now? Jason Cowley

​Julian Coman on a subtle, sophisticated book about the condition of England

March 2022 / The Observer